Why did this start?

I (Grant Jenks) read a book about a year ago called “Jesus for President”. (If you don’t have ad-blocking software in your browser, you’ll see it to the right of any page.) This book gave me hope. It gave me vision. I understood after reading that book that I cannot check out of this world and lead a Christian life. No matter how ridiculous I thought everything became, I’d have to stick with it.

I started this site just before the general elections held in Washington State on November 2nd, 2010. As with all elections, road sides became littered with political signs endorsing candidates. One morning, I noticed a sign that wasn’t endorsing a candidate but was slandering them. I laughed. The signs had decided to attack each other. Some time after that I wondered what sign Jesus of Nazareth might have had on the roads he traveled around the Sea of Galilee. I came up with the following: “Don’t like your choices? Write in Jesus of Nazareth.” I laughed again in my mind at the thought of seeing such a thing. Turns out it’s not very hard to have those signs made nor to put them up. So I took the plunge and had them made and put them up.┬áTo continue whatever conversations they might start, I created this website.

Please comment if you saw a road-side sign!

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