Spin ’round and ’round

November 1, 2010

I often feel spun ’round and ’round in politics. People are always taking different views and then adjusting them slightly. They adjust their views again and again until they aren’t really saying anything at all. I’ve heard this called spin in the world of Public Relations.

More often, I think we identify spin when we know something to be a bigger deal than it is actually presented as. This is a common technique employed by “spin doctors”. Spin doctors are those that are so good at this manipulation that they are hired precisely for it. I don’t know anyone who puts “spin doctor” on their resume, no more so than a writer might put down “hack,” but I think we know them when we see them.

A lot of tales have been spun over the years about every leader that has ever had a follower; none so, perhaps, as much as Jesus of Nazareth. Who exactly this man is boggles the minds of some and is a curse for others. Unfortunately, spin rarely gives us the impression that someone is squeaky clean. We can assume the worst when legends are made out of people.

Unfortunately, we can never fully trust history when we receive it second-hand (we may not even trust it first-hand if we don’t believe in ourselves). If you go to vote and feel you can’t trust any of the options presented, then I’d suggest you write in Jesus. A lot of people have found him worthy of their faith.

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